first, welcome.

this site is an offering of story, connection, and possibility–a place to both root and fly, a space that is both container and opener.

it is with gratitude and joy that i share a bit of my own journey, my learnings, my dreams.

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  • witness
    years ago, i was in a work meeting and literally told to be silent while a decision about a service i ran was communicated to the rest of our division. it was highly contentious and the fact that i was told to sit silent among my colleagues was…heartwrenching. i recall us all sitting in aContinue reading “witness”
  • do as the grain of wheat; as the earth
    this was shared as a sermon (my first!) on 3.21.21 for the Church of the Good Shepherd; Athens, OH. the Gospel reading that inspired it is John 12:20-33. Also available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/BBS_KGxWpdA. +++ What an honor to be with you, the people of the Church of the Good Shepherd today. Mother Deborah hasContinue reading “do as the grain of wheat; as the earth”
  • release
    yesterday i signed a Release Agreement on the land contract. in other words, there is an acknowledgement that the contract we entered is no longer true and therefore, we are released from it. release agreement. there is some sadness that comes with release. a letting go of the visions taking root, the dreams we wereContinue reading “release”