first, welcome.

this site is an offering of story, connection, and possibility–a place to both root and fly, a space that is both container and opener.

it is with gratitude and joy that i share a bit of my own journey, my learnings, my dreams.

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  • re-source
    a week ago i slipped away for a few quiet days in nature with my family. we found a new-to-us-place tucked in between huge stone formations in the hills of kentucky, near a lake. it was beautiful and remote… and needed. isn’t it always? i think of the days and weeks leading up to thatContinue reading “re-source”
  • witness
    years ago, i was in a work meeting and literally told to be silent while a decision about a service i ran was communicated to the rest of our division. it was highly contentious and the fact that i was told to sit silent among my colleagues was…heartwrenching. i recall us all sitting in aContinue reading “witness”
  • do as the grain of wheat; as the earth
    this was shared as a sermon (my first!) on 3.21.21 for the Church of the Good Shepherd; Athens, OH. the Gospel reading that inspired it is John 12:20-33. Also available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/BBS_KGxWpdA. +++ What an honor to be with you, the people of the Church of the Good Shepherd today. Mother Deborah hasContinue reading “do as the grain of wheat; as the earth”