first, welcome.

this site is an offering of story, connection, and possibility–a place to both root and fly, a space that is both container and opener.

it is with gratitude and joy that i share a bit of my own journey, my learnings, my dreams.

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  • chaos + creation
    last week was one of chaotic energy with opportunities to notice the power of embodied creation–what it feels like to be human and in this body and join with the creative forces of the universe the turbulent waters of our lives stir us and in that stirring, an awakening if we allow it and ifContinue reading “chaos + creation”
  • wholeness
    back in the day, when i worked for a social innovation firm focused on community-centered design, i found it so curious that in order to elevate “community voice” we invited and designated individuals to participate as “community members”. inherent in this practice is the assumption that there is difficulty/impossibility in showing up as whole individualsContinue reading “wholeness”
    by meg (11 years old) for earth day Stop! We need to stop killing animals and polluting the ocean. About 30,000 sharks are getting killed an hour not even a year and that’s our fault. When birds feed, they have help from the sharks attracting fish to the surface so sharks and birds feed onContinue reading “LOVE THE EARTH”