wild roots

on October 31, 2020, we put our feet on this land for the first time. we had been searching and found ourselves here. it was the Blue Moon, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve. this day, we began a love affair with this land and together, we sowed the seeds of wild roots, llc.

a return to the land with our babes, further exploring and building trust–in ourselves and our relationship with this place (dec.5, 2020).

soon after, we entered into contract to purchase and steward this land, saying yes to new life.

that yes remains and where it led us has been unexpected. the land was not meant to be owned by us and she is with us, still…growing and nourishing our wild roots.


since then, we began sowing the seeds of wild roots. we’re practicing leaning into the uncertainty: the alchemy of both uncertainty and knowing generates the wonder that breathes life and there is joy in sharing it, as we journey. there are dreams. there are possibilities. and there is intentional spaciousness for co-creation.


learning to live in co-creation with life calls asks of us to surrender to the flow of life. watching all the ways in which we grasp for the sides of the shore, struggle against the tide, resist the current…these are helpful signals of fear. leaning into those sharp points invites deeper relationship with life and feels ALIVE.

in nurturing wild roots, there will be regularly created and curated musings. revel in them by signing up here:

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